Have you picked up a copy of Ableton but sat there staring aimlessly looking at the interface thinking to yourself i don't know where to begin? When you start your music production journey for the first time, things can seem overwhelming, its like learning a new language. With YouTube becoming full of some great screencast tutorials from some great producers and teachers, the students i've taught in the past who were complete beginners at the time found YouTube videos not dumbed down enough for a first time, rushed and hard to follow.


When i first turned my hands to music production i chose the one-to-one route, i found this method far more efficient for my learning that any group work i've been involved with. Having this one-to-one environment allowed me to feel more confident; to ask questions and but-in when something was on my mind, This allowed my tutor to develop and tailor my production classes based around my current knowledge and learning capability. Now with helping hand of screen sharing via Skype, one-to-one tuition can now be offered remotely via the internet. 


I have work worked on a few digital audio workstations in the past but always found Ableton the more user friendly and by far the easiest to get ideas down fast while they are fresh in your head. Ableton's session view is unique, its your notepad for ideas. Everything is a click away and for a new beginner, the basics are easy to get your head around.


Lessons are 100% tailored to you as everyone has their own goal and everyone will develop at a different speed. If you feel a structured course would be best for you, that option is also available. 

Some examples of the topics that can be covered:

  • How to set up Ableton and a walk through the interface

  • Building drum patterns tailored to your goal sound

  • Using Ableton's Audio and Midi effects

  • Introduction to Sound design and synthesis using Ableton's stock synths

  • How to set up hardware and record into Ableton

  • Breaking a track down and understanding its sounds and structure

  • Using Max for Live

  • Mixing, including EQ and compression

  • Managing workflow using Ableton's session view

  • How to build a track in arrangement view 

  • How to use midi controllers with Ableton

  • How be inventive when using samples

  • How to make remixes and remix packs for other producers 

  • Choosing aftermarket plugin.


Whether you are struggling to break free from the loops you have made, or finding it hard to juggle studio time with work commitments, having that extra helping hand will get you where you want to be in no time.


Engineering could help with:

  • Finishing those half finished projects

  • Making your tracks club ready with a detailed mixdown 

  • Turning those ideas in your head into full tracks 


My engineering services can be one-to-one in my studio, remotely via screen sharing on Skype or i can work with a handful of notes.

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